What to Expect

You may be new to the spa experience. As such, we have detailed some information on what you can expect from us...and what we expect from you.


As the client, you should understand that you will be covered during any treatment session and only the areas that are being treated will be uncovered. Covering may consist of sheets or towels as appropriate for the treatment being provided.


You should expect to be touched in a respectful, caring, gentle and effectual manner. And, you should treat the therapist/student in a respectful and professional manner at all times.


You should agree to be prepared for the treatment with good personal hygiene. Also, men having facials should not shave at least 2 hours prior to their service.


Your therapist/student will explain in general terms the planned procedure for achieving the intent of the session and will answer any and all specific questions.


You understand that receiving full benefit of a service relies in part on your participation. This comes from communicating to the therapist/student any concerns, questions, pains and changes in their condition.


You have the right to terminate the massage at any time for any reason.


As our client, you have the right to be informed about the cost of a treatment prior to that treatment being performed.


You can expect total confidentiality with regard to your professional interactions with the therapist/student.


Our Promise

Since 1991, Hands On Therapy has been pleased to offer high quality massage to the public through our student clinic. We have now expanded our client services and facility to include additional spa treatments at discounted prices (as compared to area day spas). These new spa services are a part of our new spa educational program, and as such will be performed by fully qualified students. We are sure you will find the quality, professionalism, service and facilities to be as good as or better than any day spa in our area.


We strive for your visit to be relaxing and enjoyable. This is your time, and you should delight in the experience to the fullest. If you have any concerns, please tell us. Whether it’s the room temperature, the amount of massage pressure or the volume of the music...just let us know.


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